Venetia Scott

 Naturalist Project Issue No 8

In Conversation with Venetia Scott 

There are few rocks within fashion’s 21st century elite that glory in unrefinement, maintaining their outsider reputations, nursing connections to the anti-establishment and to rebellion of the sort that isn’t manufactured by a roundtable of designers and editors with agendas to push and dollar bills to collect. Venetia Scott is one of these gems, a true rarity of near mythical status. A figurehead of the revolution that stormed London in the early ‘90s, which democratized fashion and disabled its hierarchy, she is as honest and authentic as such a history could elicit. Her styling work, photography, and interviews reveal a frankness that is unusual in fashion and consumer society. In an age when self-marketing is as key to the relevancy of a fashion career as the actual work produced, in which drug use is still touted as a societal marker of rebellion, Scott eschews social media, considering meditative time a signifier of modern counterculture. 



Blues by Tim Barber

Art Project Issue No 8

photos Tim Barber


The Aura of Beauty

Fashion Project Online

photos Dennis Golonka  style by Wayne Northcross


Sander Anocic with DNA, Mark MacEachen with Unite-Unite, Rockwell Harwood with IMG, Gustavo Sanches with Fusion, Kevin Adrian with BMG ny, August Gonet with Fusion, Ian Sheridan with Unite-Unite, Valentine with IMG, Cameron Keeding with Fusion


Kateri Giehl @ Utopianyc & Robert Lyon @ Atelier


Teri Cotruzzola

special thanks

Anna Cristina Guimaraes at Saint Laurent, Tomo Kawaguchi @ Public School, Alyna Zimmerman @ Rag & Bone, and Raquel Feduzi @ Charlie by Matthew Zink


Lucas Foglia

Art Project Issue 8

photos Lucas Foglia  text by Wayne Northcross

photographs by Lucas Foglia, courtesy Fredericks & Freiser Gallery, New York City 

Conceptually and formally urban and rural spaces speak in distinct and familiar visual codes and styles. Betwixt and between what one would consider a proper rustic scene, such as an expanse of valley, snow-peaked mountain ranges, or a cluster of cattle, there exist border towns, metaphorical spaces, where a factory looks quite at home on the prairie or the effects of industrial drilling can appear to be acts of beautification. In these real and metaphorical locales, in this clash of cultures Lucas Foglia presents vivid scenes of an American West that is experiencing social, physical and interpretative transformations. Foglia’s series Frontcountry in particular reveals structures, networks, and communities that share and occupy intersectional spaces in which dislocation, industrialization, migration, land use, and shifting cultural identities change expectations and notions of town and country. 




The Other Side

Fashion Project Online

photos Dennis Golonka  style Shedo Ollek  model Luisa Bianchin 

model: Luisa Bianchin @ Trump Model Management 

hair: David Cruz for Kevin Murphy

makeup: Kiyoshi Maeda @ Utopianyc 

prop stylist: Teri Cotruzzola

photography asst: Matt Brown

special thanks: Jay Stadwick 

photographed in Dune Studios