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fashion Project Issue #8

photography  •  Tim Richmond   styling  •  Romina Herrera Malatesta

Interview  •  Julia Szabo

Places, like people can seem alone, filled with melancholy. So reads the epigraph to Tim Richmond’s mesmerizing new collection of photographs, Last Best Hiding Place (Kehrer). In it, the author achieves an astonishing personification of some of the American West’s most solitary and desolate places: ghost towns where the ghosts haunt in broad daylight. These are human ghosts; no picturesque buffalo roam in Richmond’s landscapes (in fact, no animals are pictured at all). Here, we see the ghost of rugged cowboys’ past, now a weathered old man still standing tall; there, the modern analogue of Gunsmoke’s pretty Miss Kitty, updated with a tattoo sleeve and a Budweiser sign. The un-peopled landscapes of this book, no less than its human subjects, are bound to take root in your memory long after you’re done leafing its pages and closing the cover. Read our interview with the artist to rediscover the lure of the American West, and how it made a drifter out of him - and order your copy of the limited Special Edition of 100 on the Bookshop page of TimRichmond.co.uk.